“There is something profoundly satisfying about sharing a meal. Eating together, breaking bread together, is one of the oldest and most fundamentally unifying of human experiences.”

Barbara Coloroso

“If you could have a dinner party with any five people in the world, with whom would you choose to dine and why?”

I was asked this question in January of 2017. Most people would select celebrities and politicians but there are countless intriguing people in the world who we do not really hear about. I decided to create a blog about what it would be like to invite these brilliant minds to dinner.

Each Hypothetical Dinner Parties post consists of a guest list which I compile as I peruse through the non-mainstream media and stories that do not get as much traffic or coverage. I briefly describe what each guest does. I try to envision what it would be like to have those individuals, of all walks of life, together at a dinner party. What would the conversation be like? What would the energy be like?

HDP allows readers to envision encounters of enterprising and extraordinary individuals as they break bread together, a sacred experience across cultures.

It is my dream that, someday, what are now hypothetical dinner parties will become actual dinner parties.

Bon appétit and be our guest,

Hannah Vuozzo

Creator of HDP

Guest Lists

The Nineteenth

Guest List: Mayor Pete Muldoon: the mayor of Jackson, Wyoming, who decided to replace the portraits of President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence with a picture of a Native American chief in the town hall, according to a Huff Post article. In a statement, Mayor Muldoon explains that it is a decision out of …

The Eighteenth

Guest List Myrna Beth Haskell: a co-founder and the managing editor for Sanctuary, a community-oriented publication designed to be a “retreat” for female readers. It highlights and celebrates the work of poets, painters, photographers, and others to encourage a reading experience centered around serenity and inspiration. Jon Ososki: an electronic music artist, multi-instrumentalist, and composer featured as …

The Seventeenth

Guest List Barbara Rank: a constituent of Congressman Rod Blum (R-Iowa) who wrote a letter to her local newspaper in response to some comments he made at Moa recent town hall. The congressman spoke about how the Affordable Care Act had “crazy regulations… such as a 62-year-old male having to have pregnancy insurance,” according to …


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